Williamsburg Cemetery

You don’t have to be visiting a loved one to enjoy the beautiful park-like landscape at Williamsburg Cemetery. Visiting the grounds you’ll be met with a peaceful natural setting, tranquil pond and wetlands or otherwise described as a haven for wildlife.

Bird watching

Williamsburg Cemetery grounds are home to many of Ontario’s native birds including Blue Jays, Red-Winged Black Birds, Great Blue Herons, American Goldfinch, and many more.

See below for a full list of birds to watch for along the trails at Williamsburg Cemetery.

Bird species to watch for in spring:

  • Mallard Ducks
  • Red-Winged Black Birds

Bird species to watch for in summer:

  • Northern Cardinals
  • Blue Jays
  • Savana Sparrows
  • Baltimore Orioles
  • Brown-headed Cowbird
  • Mourning Doves
  • Purple Martins

Promontory Point

A shimmering water feature, Promontory Point is the centrepiece of the serene setting at Williamsburg Cemetery.

Within the pond itself are several accent fountains cascading water, creating a pleasing visual effect. The banks of the pond have been landscaped with plants and armour stone to enhance the area’s natural beauty. As well, along the pond’s edge is a winding pathway complemented by stone benches and birdbaths.

A winding bridge runs from the chapel entrance to Promontory Point, featuring solar-powered lights that give a soft glow at dusk and handmade botanical-themed iron railings.

Adjacent to the pond and pathways are areas that have been designed to accommodate burials. Those looking for meaning through a unique approach will find it within the natural areas near the pond. Throughout this area, many lots are available to fulfill your imaginative and all-natural approach to honouring your loved one.

Trillium Trail

A peaceful, natural environment, Williamsburg Cemetery has become well-known for its quiet setting and park-like amenities. When visiting Williamsburg Cemetery, take a walk through Trillium Trail where the untamed beauty of nature awaits. Along the trail you’ll find a number of unique features including historic artifacts donated by Arthur Hewitt, benches, wildlife and a reflection area for those who have lost a pet. The trail is a brisk 20-minute hike, fully looping from entrance to entrance.

Pets are permitted to walk on the trail as long as they are on a leash. However, we remind you to please clean up after your pet. 

Other places of interest at Williamsburg Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery

Self-guided walking tour

If you’ve got time for a stroll, Kitchener Cemeteries has mapped out three tours through Mount Hope’s grounds. Pick up your tour map at the cemetery entrance.

As Kitchener's oldest, active cemetery, Mount Hope is a history lesson waiting to happen. Here lies informational resources that can help local residents gain a better understanding of this community’s rich and storied past.

Monuments dating back to the late 1700s mark the graves of some of Kitchener’s most prominent business and political leaders. The Walper Hotel's founder, a Kitchener senator, a host of other local political leaders, a famous clock maker, the founder of a cookie fortune and a respected furniture entrepreneur are among those who bring history to life at Mount Hope.

Guided walking tour

Jane’s Walk within Kitchener Mount Hope Cemetery is organized by Wayne Miedema. On this tour, Jane leads participants throughout the cemetery to various memorials noting prominent and not as prominent men and woman and history about these individuals who helped to shape Berlin/Kitchener (and Canada) into what it is today.


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