Commemorate your loved one with a tribute at Kitchener Cemeteries. Tributes are a symbol of love, remembrance and celebration of a loved one’s memory.

To purchase a tribute or to inquire about an option not listed below, please contact us.

Please note: Interments are not permitted at any tribute items. For information about final resting places click here

Available tribute options

Grave markers

Temporary maker

Temporary marker

Temporary plaques guide visitors to the grave until a permanent memorial is installed. These markers are 24”x12” flat bronze plaques. It is inscribed “In loving memory” and includes the name of your loved one. Please note, these markers are temporary and a monthly fee will apply.


Gold and red metal butterfly on white wall


Celebrate the memory of a loved one with a 2" x 3" memorial plaque on "The Butterfly" wall located inside The Dedication Centre in Williamsburg Cemetery.

Metal leaf and branches along brick wall

Hand foraged leaf

Cascading iron vines welcome you to the Stoney Ridge section at Williamsburg Cemetery. Attached along the vine are hand sculpted and forged iron leaves. Each leaf holds an individual 4”x 2” bronze plaque that can be inscribed with your loved one's name, dates and an epitaph.

Memorial installations

Stone bench on cement pathway


This hand-crafted bench is a natural stone bench with a personalized bronze 8” x 3” plaque that is inscribed with name, dates and an epitaph for your loved one mounted to the top of the bench.

Metal floral feature along sides of wooden bridge

Floral railing

Individualized hand-sculpted floral iron railings are featured along the serene bridge that runs over the pond at Williamsburg Cemetery.  Each panel can be memorialized with a bronze plaque and inscribed name, dates and epitaph for your loved one. Comes in two sizes.

Living tribute

Tree with stone marker at base of tree

Memorial tree

Trees have always been recognized as nature’s gift to human kind - symbolizing life, growth and hope for the future. Trees can be memorialized in honour of a friendship, or an individual’s invaluable service to the community, organization or company. Includes tree, boulder with a bronze 8" x 3" plaque which can have name, dates and epitaph.

Flower services

Premium flower vase made of die-cast zine on the left and standard aluminum flower vase on the right

Flower vases

Families can purchase in-ground flower vases that can be used to preserve fresh cut flowers. When flowers wilt, staff will remove them and turn down the inner cup of the vase to be flush with the ground. This allows visitors to enjoy flowers while they visit, and permits cemetery staff to continue with landscaping and maintenance of the lot. Vase options include aluminium or die-cast zinc. Please note: artificial flowers are only permitted from Thanksgiving weekend until April 15 unless you have a saddle wreath attached on top of your upright monument.

Tombstone with flowerbed in front of it

Flowerbed services

We have various levels of flowerbed services available to accommodate all abilities and schedules. You can find the most up-to-date information on our flowerbed services on our services page.

Image of a Telephone

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