Answers to frequently asked cemetery questions

Can I add a flowerbed at the graveside?

Depending on the type of lot you’ve selected, you may be able to have a flowerbed installed at the graveside. Flowerbeds are limited to lots with upright monuments. Flowerbeds must be installed (cut out) by cemetery staff. They are prepared 15" out from the upright monument and the width of your monument. You can plant flowers or you can consider purchasing flowerbed services from the cemetery.

Can I place artificial flowers or silk floral arrangements on the grave?

In our cemeteries, we allow saddle style artificial flowers or silk arrangements placed on top of an upright monument all year round. Artificial flowers placed at the base of the grave are only permitted from Thanksgiving weekend until April 1.

Can I display candles on the grave?

No, for safety reasons, candles are not permitted in the cemetery.

Do you provide tents for use during casket funeral services?

Tents are available at our Williamsburg Cemetery for use during casket funeral services (May – October). The tent is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Where can I purchase an urn?

You can visit our offices at either Woodland or Williamsburg Cemetery to purchase an urn or browse our selection of keepsake jewellery. Please note, if purchasing an urn to be interred in a niche, please ensure the urn will fit within the niche dimensions.

Do you have a reception area?

Located at Williamsburg Cemetery is our Dedication Centre. Fully restored, the space incorporates 50-foot ceilings, wall-to-wall windows, and boasts a versatile esthetic making it the perfect venue for gatherings up to 110 guests. The Dedication Centre is available to rent for memorial services, gatherings, celebrations, weddings and events.

How do I pay for Kitchener Cemeteries services?

If you’ve already finalized a contract with us, you are able to make payments by visiting one of our offices. We accept cash, cheque, debit or credit card payments. You can also make payment by credit card over the phone.

What documents are required?

At the time of the interment, the cemetery requires a burial permit for a casket burial. The funeral service operator obtains the burial permit at the time the death is registered. A cremation certificate is required for any cremation interments or scattering. The cremation certificate is provided from the crematorium who performed the cremation and is usually located with the urn.

Is a concrete container required prior to burial?

A vault or concrete liner for a casket is not required unless it is an extra deep burial. Vaults can be purchased through the funeral home. If you’re interested in purchasing a vault for cremated remains, cemetery manager approval is required to ensure adequate lot space. Additional costs may be applied.

Answers to frequently asked cremation questions

How does cremation work?

For cremation, a single casket is placed in the cremation chamber where, through the process of heat (approximately 1800 degrees Fahrenheit) and by evaporation, the body is reduced to fragments of bones in two to three hours.

When this part of the process is complete, crematorium staff carefully remove all recoverable cremated remains from the chamber.

Important information about cremation:

  • Caskets or containers used for the cremation must be rigid and made of wood or other combustible material.
  • Handles and fittings will be removed from the casket prior to cremation.
  • Personal items can be cremated with the deceased if the items pose no threat to the health and safety of our staff. Personal items are not recoverable. Prohibited items include: bottles, coconuts and batteries.
  • Cremated remains will be returned to the family in a sealed, plastic urn or in the urn provided by the family.
Is embalming required?

Embalming prior to cremation is not necessary, however, factors of time, health and religious beliefs might make embalming prior to cremation either appropriate or necessary.

Can I scatter my loved ones remains anywhere?
Scattering of cremated remains is not legal without permission of the owners of the property. Scattering gardens are available at both Woodland and Williamsburg Cemeteries (seasonally). Learn more about interment options.

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