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Memorial Services at Williamsburg

Memorial services

Saying goodbye

Memorial Services provide an opportunity for friends and family to say goodbye to loved ones. They can be a small and simple event to commemorate someone's life, or a large gathering where loved ones reminisce and celebrate the life of those who have passed. No matter how you want to remember and say goodbye, we can help you so you can spend your time remembering. We are here for you.

What Williamsburg can provide

Williamsburg Dedication Centre offers a beautifully restored chapel with an inviting interior, complete with hardwood floors and plenty of natural light. With both pew and couch seating, it is an ideal setting for a casual reception following a memorial or graveside service. Friends and family often find comfort, and feel less stress, in having the memorial service, reception and perhaps the graveside service in one location.

Our meditative labyrinth, outdoor mezzanine, promontory pond and trillium trail provide a number of outdoor amenities that can support a variety of cultural and spiritual needs, and allow for a less traditional approach to your final farewells.
Families are welcome to include their clergy and/or celebrant of choice to their loved ones memorial service at Williamsburg.

When to have a memorial Service

Memorial services may be held at any time that is convenient and significant to you. They can take place following cremation, prior to the graveside service or perhaps for the one year anniversary.

Things to consider for a memorial Service

Memorials can provide an opportunity to celebrate interests, passions, accomplishments and any other nuances of the deceased. Each individual can be remembered for who they were by including elements of their life when making arrangements.

You can include elements that best represent the deceased through things such as: group meditation, live music, a memory table, memory boards, a slideshow, open mic, poetry, and keepsakes, among many other ideas; you can be as creative as you like. The way you choose to commemorate your loved ones is unique to the individual and will be meaningful for friends and family.

The following photo gallery illustrates some of the ways individuals have used our space to remember their loved ones.

Photo Gallery: Memorials will appear here on the public site.

Our knowledgeable and caring staff is here to answer any questions and to provide you with support in planning your loved ones' memorial service.