Kitchener: Cemeteries


Williamsburg Crematorium

Kitchener's only crematorium is located at Williamsburg Cemetery and is owned and operated by the City of Kitchener. Williamsburg's crematorium is located directly adjacent to a restored historic chapel called The Dedication Centre at Williamsburg. The Dedication Centre is located near a tranquil pond, and is available for booking memorial services and to say a final good-bye.

For those looking for a simplified approach to final arrangements and pre-planning you can contact cemetery staff to assist you with planning your funeral arrangements. You may contact us by phone 519-741-2880.

All of our crematorium operators are certified and have received extensive training. They follow a well-defined process when completing cremations. Our high standards of care ensure all deceased and family members are treated with respect and compassion. In choosing our crematorium you are ensuring that your loved one is cremated in Kitchener.

Cremation Interment

Learn more about cremation interment options and view our interment options brochure. Also check out our commonly asked questions page.