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Traditional Interment Options

In its selection of six cemetery properties - each with its own unique character - Kitchener Cemeteries offers several options for a traditional casket interment.

In-ground interment options:

Premium lots/sections:

Above-ground interment options:


In-ground interment options

Upright monument lots:

Black granite upright lot monument with vase

Choosing a lot that allows an upright monument provides families with the opportunity to place a monument that can be inscribed with dates and personalized with photo etchings or favourite sayings. Visitors and future generations are left with a genealogical path to learn more about the individual.

Choosing this option also allows the family to tend to a flowerbed if they choose, which can be installed by cemetery staff, by request, after the monument has been placed. Please see our flowerbed options

Traditional (casket) lots are available as: single grave, two-grave, three-grave or four-grave.

These lots are available at: Woodland Cemetery, Williamsburg Cemetery and Bridgeport Cemetery

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Flat marker lots:

Close up of flat cemetery monument

Flat marker lots are a less expensive alternative, which allow important and meaningful inscriptions and images to be permanently memorialized. These markets are level or flush with the ground. While flowerbeds are not permitted, in-ground vases for fresh cut flowers can be purchased and installed by cemetery staff.

Flat marker lots are available as: single grave, two-grave, three-grave or four-grave.

These lots are available at: Woodland CemeteryWilliamsburg Cemetery and Bridgeport Cemetery

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Premium lots/sections in Williamsburg Cemetery

Promontory Point: 

Grass in foreground with gravel path running along pond

Located near the pond, across from the The Dedication Centre at Williamsburg, these lots provide traditional upright monument lot selections in a beautiful natural setting.

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Sanctuary Woods:

Rows of trees in cemetery grounds

A greener interment option for nature lovers and those wishing to reduce their carbon footprint. Sanctuary Woods is a natural wooded area located adjacent to the promontory pond. It provides individuals the opportunity to purchase traditional (casket) lots and include a tree that serves as a living memorial. These lots can also accommodate a small pillow marker at the base of the tree.

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Golf Section: 

Putting green bordered by large boulders 

Located adjacent to the wetlands in Williamsburg Cemetery, our golf section has a replicated putting green and sand trap. It's a perfect location for golf lovers and nature enthusiasts alike. This area allows for both upright and flat marker memorialization.

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Above-ground interment options

Indoor/Outdoor Crypts:

Large historic stone building with stairs leading to entrance

Woodland Cemetery features both indoor and outdoor crypts available within the cemetery and mausoleums. A mausoleum is a building designed to hold a casket inside an individually sealed compartment called a 'crypt' rather than burying the casket in the ground. Availability is limited, so please contact us for further information.

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