Kitchener: Cemeteries


In-ground Cemetery Flower Vases 

Families can purchase in-ground flower vases that can be used to preserve fresh cut flowers. When flowers wilt, staff will remove them and turn down the inner cup of the vase to be flush with the ground. This allows visitors to enjoy flowers while they visit, and allows for ease with regular landscaping and maintenance of the lot.

The cemetery offers a choice of two flower vases: a standard aluminum or premium die-cast zinc vase.  Installation of the flower vase is included with your purchase.  Cemetery staff will install the vase in front of either your flat marker or upright monument. In-ground vases can only be used for fresh cut flowers.

Leaving fresh flowers can be done at any time of the year, although artificial flowers may only be left from the Friday before Thanksgiving until April 15 as per the cemetery By-laws.

For any questions about flower vases or to order an in-ground vase, please contact our office by email or call 519-741-.2880.

Image of a premium and a standard cemetery in ground flower vase