Kitchener: Cemeteries


Burial options

Your choice for memorialization provides you and your family with a lasting focal point for healing and strength. Whatever you decide, it will be an ongoing expression of love in the celebration of a beautiful life.

In its selection of six cemetery properties - each with its own unique character - Kitchener Cemeteries offers several burial options:

  • Lots to accommodate traditional casket burials are available for purchase in four of the six properties. These lots accommodate an upright monument or a flat, granite marker.
  • Woodland Cemetery also offers both indoor and outdoor crypts.
  • Williamsburg Cemetery's Promontory Point, adjacent to the pond near the Dedication Reception Centre, provides a choice of in-ground lots in a beautiful natural setting.
  • Williamsburg Cemetery's Sanctuary Woods provides individuals with the opportunity to purchase full-sized lots that include a tree. This lot can be memorialized with a small pillow marker.
  • In-ground interment for both casket and cremation interments. These lots can be memorialized with flat markers (flush to the ground) or with upright monuments.  You can choose single-grave lots, two-grave, three-grave or four-grave lots.
  • Above-ground options for cremation internments available in outdoor or indoor columbaria.


The following options are only available at Williamsburg Cemetery:

  • Scattering gardens are available for scattering remains and is located in a natural wooded nook.
  • Also for scattering, an Ossuary is available and located within a golf green in the golf section near the wetlands. The ossuary is where families can decant cremated remains into a common underground chamber.
  • Reflection stone lots feature a natural armourstone boulder memorialized with a bronze plaque where the cremated remains are interred at the base of the boulder.
  • Stoney Ridge features a stone wall memorialized with unique large bronze plaques. Cremated remains are interred at the base of the wall.
  • Golf section, located adjacent to the wetlands, is available for in-ground interment for both casket or cremation.
  • Sanctuary Woods lots use trees as  living memorials, located in a natural wooded area by the pond.  These lots can be used for either traditional or cremation in-ground interment.

There are many options to choose from. If you're interested in receiving more information or have any questions about burial and cremation options, please contact us.


Share Your Interest In The Proposed Mausoleum for Williamsburg

Staff at Williamsburg Cemetery invite you to share your interest in the proposed Mausoleum project.

The structure could feature:

  • A beautiful structure featuring a vaulted ceiling, wooden beams and handsome marble finishing.
  • The large windows located around the facility will flood the interior with natural light and afford soothing panoramic views of the pond and wetland area.
  • Up to 100 above ground single and double casket spaces, and 350 glass fronted niches for the internment of cremated remains.
  • These niches offer interior LED lighting and allow for porcelain portraits to be placed inside.
  • This comfortable and secure environment will give families the opportunity to pay their respects during any season.