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Trillium Trail Hiking Trail

Entrance to trail with wooden sign and people walking

A peaceful, natural environment, Williamsburg Cemetery has become well-known for its quiet setting and unique burial options. What you may not know is that the cemetery is also the site of a hiking trail where the untamed beauty of nature awaits.

While Williamsburg Cemetery covers approximately 50 acres, currently only about a half of that is utilized as cemetery land. To put the additional land to good use and give residents access to the area's natural, forested lands, staff created Trillium Woods. This bark-chip hiking trail winds its way through the woods and over a quaint, wooden footbridge, which adds to the picturesque setting.

In the spring, you'll be greeted by a blanket of different coloured trilliums, and in the fall, you'll be likely to catch a glimpse of the Pileated Woodpecker that often visits. Along the trail, you'll also see historic farm artifacts - featuring brief descriptions - that were donated by Arthur Hewitt.

Pets are permitted to walk on the trail as long as they are on a leash. Please remember to clean up after your pet. Adjacent to the entrance of Trillium Trail, you will find a quiet area of reflection dedicated to those who have lost a pet.

The trail is about a 20-minute hike, approximately 814 metres in its entirety, and fully loops, which is nice for anyone who is directionally challenged!