Kitchener: Cemeteries


Promontory Pond

Photo of pond with plants in foreground and cemetery grounds in background

A shimmering water feature, Promontory Pond is the centrepiece of the serene setting at Williamsburg Cemetery.

Within the pond itself are several accent fountains cascading water, creating a pleasing visual effect. The banks of the pond have been landscaped with plants and armour stone to enhance the area’s natural beauty. As well, along the pond’s edge is a winding pathway complemented by stone benches and birdbaths.

Newly installed in 2011, a winding bridge runs from the chapel entrance to Promontory Point, featuring solar-powered lights that give a soft glow at dusk and handmade botanical-themed iron railings.

Adjacent to the pond and pathways are areas that have been designed to accommodate burials. Those looking for meaning through a unique approach will find it within the natural areas near the pond. Throughout this area, many lots are available to fulfill your imaginative and all-natural approach to honouring your loved one.