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Woodland Cemetery

Granite monument for Barney Koehler

Barney Koehler

At Woodland Cemetery in section L, lot 208, there is one solitary grave sort of by itself. It is for Barney Koehler, who died in 1926. Barney was born in Germany, trained as a gardener and, after serving in the German navy, before WW1, he immigrated to Canada and worked in Brantford. From there, he joined A. L. Breithaupt's estate as gardener. Early 1914 he was hired by the Berlin Park Board as the first superintendent. He designed the old park house and greenhouses, located then at end of Richmond Street and lived there until 1926. Among his many projects was designing the gardens in front of the new city hall in 1923/1924. He also laid out Woodland Cemetery, ironically for he was a very early burial. His car was hit by a train on Madison Avenue.

Researched by rych mills, local historian

Photo credit to Doug Smith, Canada GenWeb's Cemetery Project