Kitchener: Cemeteries


History of Kitchener Cemeteries

Kitchener Cemeteries has been helping local families with final arrangements for their loved ones since 1838.

Today, the City of Kitchener owns and operates six cemeteries - Williamsburg Cemetery, Woodland Cemetery, Kitchener Mount Hope Cemetery, St. Peter's Lutheran Cemetery, Bridgeport and Free Church Cemetery and Strasburg Historical Cemetery.

Kitchener's newest cemetery - Williamsburg Cemetery - opened in 1995 and includes an on-site crematorium. Renowned locally for its innovative ways of celebrating and remembering our loved ones, Williamsburg Cemetery's setting offers many non-traditional, flexible options designed to satisfy the diverse needs of families today.

Two of our most notable historic sites include: 

German War Graves Commission at Woodland Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery is home to the graves of 187 prisoners of war and other personnel, who died while detained in Canadian prisoner of war (POW) camps during the First and Second World Wars. Learn more about the German War Graves at Woodland Cemetery.

Mount Hope Cemetery

As the City's oldest, active cemetery, Mount Hope is a history lesson waiting to happen. Here lies an important resource - a source of information that can help local residents gain a better understanding of this community's rich and storied past. Learn more and take the tour or learn more about the Mount Hope Cemetery war monument!