Kitchener: Cemeteries


German War Graves Commission
at Woodland Cemetery

Stone wall entrance into German War Grave section

Woodland Cemetery is home to the graves of 187 prisoners of war and other personnel, who died while detained in Canadian prisoner of war (POW) camps during the First and Second World Wars. Their bodies were exhumed and relocated so that the German War Graves Commission could provide more appropriate care for them and to have them all in one location.

Many of the POWs were Navy personnel from submarines, destroyers, German airborne troops captured at Dunkirk in 1940. Others were from Bavaria and Austria who had taken part in the Norway operations.

After reviewing numerous Canadian cities, the German War Graves Commission chose Kitchener; a decision that was made based on our ethics and geography.

Between 1961-1970, the creation of this section of Woodland Cemetery was undertaken by the German War Graves Commission. It is now maintained by Kitchener Cemeteries.

The German War Graves service is hosted on the third Sunday of each November at Woodland Cemetery.