Williamsburg Cemetery is home to many features, including the meditative labyrinth. This functional piece of art can be used as a tool for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. Created for Dora Milton in memory of her husband, Bob, the labyrinth is located next to the cemetery’s scenic pond and is a beautiful space to escape, reflect and connect. Take a walk through the labyrinth and discover its wonderful meditative and healing qualities.

Dora and Bob’s story

At least once a day, every day, Dora Milton and her husband Bob would walk their dog, Georgie Girl, along the scenic trails winding through Kitchener's Williamsburg Cemetery. Along their way, they would stop and talk to cemetery staff, and over the years a strong relationship developed.

After Bob passed away, his family members knew they wanted to hold a memorial service in the Dedication Centre at Williamsburg and install a permanent memorial there in his memory as a testament to his love of the cemetery. Cemetery staff suggested several existing memorial ideas to Dora including trees, benches and birdbaths. However, it was the idea of a labyrinth that Dora found most fitting after learning of its meditative and healing benefits.

Staff at Williamsburg had been thinking about creating a labyrinth for some time. A symbol of peace, a labyrinth is a single path walkway that has been a healing symbol to all walks of humanity for more than 3,500 years. Labyrinths can be used as a tool for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation.

Cemetery staff worked hard to construct the labyrinth in a matter of days, to ensure it would be ready in time for Bob's memorial service at Williamsburg's Dedication Centre. A plaque in memory of Bob Milton now graces its entrance. 

Photos of the meditative labyrinth

Brick walkway with a small chapel in the background

Meditative labyrinth entrance

Curvy stone path with a pillar in the middle

Meditative labyrinth path

Image of a Telephone

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