Kitchener: Cemeteries


Answers to Frequently Asked Cemetery Questions

  • Flowerbeds are only permitted, on most lots, where an upright monument has been placed. All flowerbeds must be installed by cemetery staff and will be 15 inches wide and the length of the monument base. Learn more about flowerbed services. If you have a lot that permits an upright monument and your monument is in place, your lot can have a flowerbed.  You can call the cemetery office at 519-741-2880 and our staff can install and prepare the flowerbed for planting.  We also have flowerbed services available.
  • Flower containers must be the approved sunken type. Glass, plastic and/or ceramic containers are not permitted.
  • Private shrubs are only permitted in certain sections of Woodland Cemetery and are not permitted at Williamsburg Cemetery. Evergreens or shrubs are permitted only in selected upright monument sections and must be planted by cemetery staff, as per our tariff of charges. There is no charge for the removal of shrub material.
  • Glass, breakable items, statuary, stone mulch, candles (not in approved receptacles) or flowerbed edging are not permitted.
  • Artificial flowers and/or silk floral arrangements and wreaths are permitted from the Friday prior to Thanksgiving Day to April 15 of the following year. One per grave. Saddle arrangements may be allowed to remain all year long on upright markers. Learn more about memorial wreaths.
  • Bronze memory lights as described in the bylaws are permitted. Candles are not allowed and will be removed by Cemetery staff. Please inquire at our office for specific details.
  • Tents are available at our Williamsburg Cemetery for use during casket funeral services (not during winter months.) Please inquire at our office or ask your funeral director.
  • A Tribute program is available to provide a variety of choices for families seeking a lasting tribute in memory of their loved ones. Commemorative tree planting, bronze plaques, benches and a wall-mounted bronze butterfly are several options available through this program.
  • Urns and keepsake jewellery are available to be purchased from either our Woodland or Williamsburg office. Only bronze urns are permitted in our glass fronted niches.
  • The Dedication Centre at Williamsburg, a beautiful facility located at Williamsburg Cemetery, is available to use for family memorial services.
  • If you are looking for more information about cremation, interment options and funeral planning, you can attend one of our informational seminars. Seminars are held regularly throughout the year. Call the office at 519-741-2880 for more information.
  • In each traditional grave space, there can be one casket interment with up to two cremation interments or up to a maximum of three cremation interments.  For health and safety reasons, extra deep burials (two caskets on top of each other) is no longer permitted.
  • A vault/concrete liner is not required but can be purchased through the funeral home if preferred.
  • The cemetery follows an integrated pest management program.  Note: under provincial regulations, cemeteries are not permitted to apply pesticides, including herbicides, for broad leaf weed control. As part of this program, the following steps are administered to the turf:
    • Cut weekly at 3 ½ inches
    • Regularly aerated
    • Fertilized late spring,  early fall and with a dormant winter application
  • To make payments on your account, please visit the Woodland or Williamsburg cemetery offices during office hours (link to contact us/location).  Cash, cheque, interact or credit card payments are accepted.
  • To purchase a lot, please visit the offices at Woodland or Williamsburg cemeteries during office hours or contact us and one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff can show you the cemetery and the available options. To help ensure that staff are available to assist you, an appointment is recommended.